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I've traveled to many places and love to blog about my adventures, the hotels, service, food and more. I enjoy doing product reviews as well. Hi Folks! I am a seasoned 30 year traveller. I've travelled to many places and stayed in a variety of places. I've been to Columbia, England, Scotland, Las Vegas, Florida, Bahamas, California, New England States, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and all the Atlantic provinces, Nova Scotia (where I live), New Brunswick, PEI and Newfoundland. Now I can say I've been to Spain (Barcelona), Italy (Rome), Vatican City, Greece (Crete), Turkey (Izmir & Ephesus, Africa (Egypt) and Malta. What an adventure! We had a big adventure is Vancouver then Kauai, Hawaii!! AND HERE I AM! WHOA! I'm back home now. What a fabulous trip to Kauai! It was a magical vacation. We even saw Puff the Magic Dragon who lies with his head sadly on the island ground, covered in grass and trees with beautiful sand beaches all around him. We sang his song a lot. Didn't want to leave at all, but here we are back home and dreaming of the next adventure already! Well, the next adventure came and me and the kids traveled to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The moment we landed, we fell in love with Mexico! We loved the people, the service and the country! Villa del Palmar didn't disappoint us at all. The Spanish style room with the view of the most exquisite site I've ever seen was beyond the imagination. So glad we went and hope to go back to again some day. This summer we went to Victoria, British Colombia then after 5 days, we got on our ship to Alaska and we did a dog sled ride in the Yukon. It was amazing! So many posts and pictures to put up, so stay tuned folks! Let us remember to pause for a smile to a stranger, or give a dollar to a homeless person, or feed a stray animal. Share the love you have inside for others so that they may share theirs as well.

Another convention over and a new President elected! What a great treat for all the delegates. Beautiful people I deal with but others, well, not so nice to deal with. I am grateful everyday for still being here. We all need to count our blessings for just when things get so bad that we feel we can't go on, look around you and see how much better off you are then many other people, then start counting!

Well, I have been getting wonderful offers to write for other people's blogs or travel magazine. I can't wait to find the time to begin. Next year when I retire, I'll be able to lots of attention to my travel blog. Until later, take care and keep checking in for new and great travel, reviews and more!!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Inside the Eternal City - The Vatican

Folks, you can't imagine how I felt when we looked at the large walled "country" within Rome.  It was even more heart pounding when I saw that huge entrance way to enter the Eternal City.  To be honest, I truly never thought I'd ever get to Rome, never mind seeing the Vatican!  We'll I did!  What a place!  It was Christmas time and they had the Nativity scene and a Christmas tree set up.  Since we had a private tour, we were able to skip all the long wait lines.

Every where you looked, your eyes were witnessing wonders.  The ceilings and walls were filled with precious historical statues or murals or scenes painted by the greatest of all painters.  I have so many pictures to post on the Vatican, that it was impossible to post them all here.

Our guide was a fabulous person and very knowledgeable.  I would suggest to anyone that a private tour is the best way to go.  Search on line for the best tour guides and read the reviews people write.  It will give you an excellent inside as to whether or not the company is reputable and if they provide great tours at a reasonable costs.  I would also suggest you haggle with them to get their price down and or to include things you want they may not have listed.

I have not included St. Peter's church here so when I finally write the post and put up the pictures, hopefully you will be as amazed as we all were. 

Well it's time for me to say so long for now, please enjoy the pictures and know there will be lots more to come.  Thanks for stopping by.

The inner court yard

A much smaller court yard

A famous statue

Little guy Rialey posing

Layla taking pictures

Don't know who this guy is but he has a nice smile!