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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Our Adventures from Alexandria, Cairo and Giza

Folks, no one could possible know of the excitement we, especially me, we felt as we sailed into Alexandria, Egypt!  My heart was pounding, my excitement grew and I just couldn't wait to see a place I always dreamed of seeing.  It was a dream come true for me.

I find the magic of the ancient world so fascinating.  The picture of the lives of people like Cleopatra, Romans, the pyramids and the ancient beliefs that are still with us today.  I almost wished I would see these great characters when we docked.

I want to take you on my journey when I first set eyes on Alexandra and then on to Giza, where the great Pyramids of Egypt waited just for me.  To this day, I still can't believe I was there so to look back at my pictures, knowing this was a reality and I was really there is still a dream come true.

To ride in Egypt, you have to be awful brave or nuts.  Even my Egyptian friend Ami, who goes home each year to Alexandra, refuses to drive so she gets her friends to drive her.  She told me an interesting thing the other day, she said she never went to the Pyramids or saw other tourist sites.  She felt almost shamed but I knew what she meant,  I bet tourist to Halifax know more about my city than I do.  I think we take for granted the many things others enjoy when they visit.

The kids were lucky enough to go into the 3500 year old smaller Pyramid and they said I never would have made it if I went in too.  A person has to bend down too low and my knees just wouldn't let me do that.  It was rather cheap as well, only about 6 Egyptian Lira.  The costs to get into the Pyramids is very reasonable.

There are lots of vendors there trying to sell you items so take a moment and talk to them and purchase some things.  They do like to barter so do barter.  I bought a small set of the 3 Pyramids and the Sphinx for one dollar, they were asking for $10.  I felt bad that I got them down to such a low price.  They really depend on selling items for a living.

That night, we stayed in a 5 star hotel with our room facing the Pyramids but the next morning the smog was so bad, I couldn't even see the pool below.  If you lucky enough to get a good sunny clear day, be grateful.
I hope you enjoy this post as I have so many more to post on Egypt alone.  Take care all!

Alexandra as we saw it from our ship

Still hard to believe we were really docking here for our amazing trip

Looking back at the ship as we drove away with our private tour guide

Even seeing the name still excites me!

Beautiful Mosque

streets of Alexandra

I have a friend who is from Alexandra and she still refuses to drive when she goes home for a visit

You really have to be tough to drive here!

Some beautiful buildings

Taxis were the same

Now we begin to drive to Cairo

We saw many unusual buildings and things along the route

I'm still not sure what this building is

Coke seems to have a big presence here

The desert as we drove the long miles to Cairo

Now we are in Giza, we can't wait to see the Pyramids!!!!

My absolute first look at see the Pyramids. People actually are lucky to see this every day

Now we are going in to the Pyramid area

Little Rialey all excited

Is this not amazing!!

Lalyla and Rialey looking at all the sites

I really love this picture of the kids with the Pyramid in the background

Here I am and I can't believe I made it!!!!!!

You can see Giza in the  background. It was a good day but some days the smog is so bad, you can't see anything

Small crowds on their tour

A distance horse rider

They have both horse and camel rides here but watch you don't get ripped off

I guess they even have horse and buggy rides

Kids and guide walking towards the Pyramid

One of my favourite pictures

Yes, I did it!  Rialey is so happy

I loved seeing the two Egyptian camel riders in the desert sands

Look, isn't this just amazing! The 3 Pyramids with the 3 small Pyramids of the wives


Camel owner talking to Rialey about the ride and the camels